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Independent of phone systems and with intelligent

Independence can integrate all your phones no matter the type of phone system. Hereby you can reuse your current solution, but upgrade the functions and achieve new possibilities to an attractive economy.

You log into the system, type your phone number. Now you are ready to be an active part of the contact-center. The system do not care where in the world you are, and what solution you are using, and therefore you can reuse the existing equipment and save money.


The number of users in can be expanded and without any problems – an advantage when the company is growing and gets more employees.

Since does not have any demands to phones and phone systems, new companies/departments with their existing phone system can easily be covered of the common call system.

Business Intelligence

Miralix View gives you a Business Intelligence tool, where you get a comprehensive view over the company’s call flow and performance. It is a great tool, which can be used at controlling and optimizing the activities in the contact-center.

You can see if you lose calls – and herby customers. Use the information in the system to adapt the manning, so you can offer better and faster customer service.

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With you take advantage of your existing phone system, and you get a bigger profit of your investment.

You can get within the fields of an attractive economy with the running savings, which the solution ensures. It is not unusual to have a payback time under 6 months.

The savings with the solution are individual. Please contact us and we will have a dialogue with you to see you possibilities and the savings you can achieve.


  • Do I need to have a server at disposal?
    The solution can be implemented in your existing server environment, no matter if it is hosted or on-premises.

    Do we need to have an IP phone system to use
    The solution can be used both on IP and other types of phone systems.

    Do I need to change my operator to use
    The solution is operator independent and works with all the big operators in Denmark.

    Does it take a lot of recourses to implement the solution?
    It depends on the individual customer, how many recourses it takes to implement the solution, because it is different from solution to solution how they are being used. Our applications are user-friendly and we educate you to manage the system with future changes.    

    Can I reuse my desk phones and cell phones?
    The solution can integrate all types of phones, both cell phones and desk phones.

    Does the support Skype for Business? can be integrated with Skype for Business.

    Which functions are in the solution?
    The system offers among others Callback, Hot-Item and last-spoken-to function.


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